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CourseAccreditedsort descendingUnit StdNQF LevelCreditsCourse Category
Customer Service ExcellenceNo114974NQF 2AlignedSales & Marketing
Chairing a Disciplinary HearingNo10985NQF 6AlignedLabour Law
Word Level 3NoComputer Skills
Retail Selling SkillsNoSales & Marketing
Initiating a Disciplinary EnquiryNo11286NQF 5AlignedLabour Law
PowerPoint Level 1NoComputer Skills
Sales - Seal the DealNo10047NQF 5AlignedSales & Marketing
Team Leader FundamentalsNoManagement & Leadership
PowerPoint Level 2NoComputer Skills
Customer Service - Managing ComplaintsNo252210NQF 4AlignedSales & Marketing
Employment Equity for CommitteesNoLabour Law
Outlook Level 1NoComputer Skills
Negotiation SkillsNo13948NQF 4Business Skills
Sales - The FABs of Products and ServicesNo252196NQF 4AlignedSales & Marketing
Conduct a Disciplinary HearingNo255514NQF 5AlignedLabour Law
Outlook Level 2NoComputer Skills
Business EtiquetteNoBusiness Skills
Sales - Your Product vs The CompetitionNo252211NQF 4AlignedSales & Marketing
Basic Labour LawNo13952NQF 4AlignedLabour Law
Introduction to Computing and WindowsNoComputer Skills
Office AdministrationNoBusiness Skills
Supervisory SkillsNoManagement & Leadership
Excel Level 1NoComputer Skills
Business Presentation SkillsNo242840NQF 4AlignedBusiness Skills
Project Management EssentialsNo120372NQF 4AlignedManagement & Leadership
Excel Level 2NoComputer Skills
Business Communication SkillsNo110506NQF 4AlignedBusiness Skills
Minute TakingNo13934NQF 3AlignedBusiness Skills
Managers' Development ProgrammeNo252031NQF 5AlignedManagement & Leadership
Excel Level 3NoComputer Skills
Diversity ManagementNo252043NQF 5Business Skills
Leadership The Right WayNoManagement & Leadership
Introduction to MS OfficeNoComputer Skills
Debtor Management for Credit ControllersNoFinance
Business Writing SkillsNo12153NQF 4AlignedBusiness Skills
Finance for Non-Financial ManagersNo117156NQF 4AlignedFinance
MentoringNo114215NQF 4AlignedManagement & Leadership
CoachingNo113909NQF 3AlignedManagement & Leadership
Leadership Development ProgrammeNoManagement & Leadership
Internal Customer ServiceNoBusiness Skills
Stores and Stock ControlNoWarehousing
Leadership in The BakingNoManagement & Leadership
Supervision with Project PrinciplesNo120388NQF 5Aligned Management & Leadership
Leadership Development Programme - Module 1 of 3NoManagement & Leadership
Dealing with Challenging CustomersNoBusiness Skills
Introduction to Supply Chain ManagementNoWarehousing
Leadership Development Programme - Module 2 of 3NoManagement & Leadership
Topical PresentationNoBusiness Skills
Zulu - Conversational isiZuluNoPersonal Development
Leadership Development Programme - Module 3 of 3NoManagement & Leadership
The Amazing ReceptionistNoFront Line
Email Writing and EtiquetteNoBusiness Skills
Train The TrainerNo117871NQF 4AlignedPersonal Development
Telephone TechniquesNoFront Line
Time and Stress ManagementNoPersonal Development
Customer Service in IsiZuluNoFront Line
Personal Budgeting In IsizuluNoPersonal Development
Customer Service with ImpactNoFront Line
Assertiveness and Conflict ResolutionNoPersonal Development
Contact Centre Service ExcellenceNoFront Line
Strategic Planning – Improving Business Performance No263456NQF 4AlignedBusiness Skills
Self MasteryNo252031NQF 5AlignedPersonal Development
Time ManagementNo15234NQF 5AlignedBusiness Skills
Self-Mastery and Interpersonal SkillsNoPersonal Development
Problem Solving and Decision MakingNo242817NQF 4AlignedBusiness Skills
Communicating with ConfidenceNoPersonal Development
Receptionist - Front Office and Telephone TechniquesNo13928 & 7790NQF 3AlignedFront Line
Interpersonal SkillsNoPersonal Development
Emotional Intelligence - Self-MasteryNoPersonal Development
Leadership Development Programme - Review WorkshopNoManagement & Leadership
Emotional Intelligence - Interpersonal SkillsNoPersonal Development
HIV AwarenessNo13915NQF 3AlignedHealth and Safety
EE AwarenessNoHuman Resources
Emotional Intelligence Module 1NoPersonal Development
Operations Management - Introductory BasicsNo119668NQF 2AlignedManagement & Leadership
Goal Setting - Fired up and FocusedNoPersonal Development
Operations Planning and ManagementNo263434NQF 4AlignedManagement & Leadership
Ethics in BusinessNo113924NQF 22Personal Development
Absenteeism in the WorkplaceNoHuman Resources
Word Level 1NoComputer Skills
Leadership Development Programme - Module 01 of 03NoManagement & Leadership
Employment Equity and Skills Development LegislationNoLabour Law
Word Level 2NoComputer Skills
Management by Objective - AccreditedYes242822NQF 410Management & Leadership
Operations Planning Development and Implementation - AccreditedYes252032NQF 58Management & Leadership
Effective Office Administration - AccreditedYes110021 & 110009NQF 410Business Administration
Basic Labour Law - AccreditedYes13952NQF 48Labour Law
Fraud Detection and Control - AccreditedYes110026NQF 44Business Administration
Supervisory Management - AccreditedYes13912NQF 35Management & Leadership
Managing Career Progression Through Skills Development - AccreditedYes252029NQF 58Management & Leadership
Performance Management (NQF5) - AccreditedYes252034NQF 58Management & Leadership
Customer Service Excellence - AccreditedYes114974NQF 22Sales & Marketing
Change Management - Implementation - AccreditedYes15214NQF 53Management & Leadership
Customer Service - Managing Complaints - AccreditedYes252210NQF 44Sales & Marketing
Change Management - Recommend a Change Process - AccreditedYes252021NQF 58Management & Leadership
Sales - Identify New Potential and Existing Business - AccreditedYes252193NQF 44Sales & Marketing
Knowledge Management Principles - AccreditedYes252044NQF 56Management & Leadership
Sales - Seal the Deal - AccreditedYes10047NQF 55Sales & Marketing
Manage and Improve Communication Processes - AccreditedYes264408NQF 63Management & Leadership
Sales - The FABs of Products and Services - AccreditedYes252196NQF 44Sales & Marketing


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