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Coursesort ascendingAccreditedUnit StdNQF LevelCreditsCourse Category
Zulu - Conversational isiZuluNoPersonal Development
Word Level 3NoComputer Skills
Word Level 2NoComputer Skills
Word Level 1NoComputer Skills
Wholesale and Retail - Understand the Concepts - AccreditedYes114895NQF 210Business Skills
Wholesale and Retail - Maximising Profits - AccreditedYes258155NQF 310Management & Leadership
Transformational LeadershipNoManagement & Leadership
Train The TrainerNo117871NQF 5AlignedPersonal Development
Topical PresentationNoBusiness Skills
Tone Deaf Doesn't WorkNoPersonal Development
Time Management - Planning and Prioritising - AccreditedYes242811NQF 45Management & Leadership
Time Management - Planning and PrioritisingNo242811NQF 4AlignedBusiness Skills
Time Management - AccreditedYes15234NQF 54Business Skills
Time ManagementNo15234NQF 5AlignedBusiness Skills
Time and Stress ManagementNoPersonal Development
Theft, Fraud and Saftey in Wholesale and Retail - AccreditedYes258161NQF 38Warehousing
The Amazing ReceptionistNoFront Line
Telephonic Relationship SellingNoSales & Marketing
Telephone Techniques - AccreditedYes7790NQF 33Front Line
Telephone TechniquesNo7790NQF 3AlignedFront Line
Team Leader FundamentalsNoManagement & Leadership
Team Leader - AccreditedYes242821NQF 46Management & Leadership
Team LeaderNo242821NQF 4AlignedManagement & Leadership
Supervisory SkillsNoManagement & Leadership
Supervisory Management - AccreditedYes13912NQF 35Management & Leadership
Supervisory ManagementNoNQF 3AlignedManagement & Leadership
Supervision with Project PrinciplesNo120388NQF 5Aligned Management & Leadership
Strategic Planning - Improving Business Performance No263456NQF 4AlignedBusiness Skills
Stores and Stock Control - AccreditedYes114896NQF 312Warehousing
Stores and Stock ControlNoWarehousing
Stock Counts in Wholesale and Retail - AccreditedYes114891NQF 25Warehousing
Stock and Fixed Asset Management - AccreditedYes13945NQF 42Finance
Speaking with Confidence and ImpactNoPersonal Development
Selling SkillsNoSales & Marketing
Self-Mastery and Interpersonal SkillsNoPersonal Development
Self MasteryNo252031NQF 5AlignedPersonal Development
Secretarial Skills - AccreditedYes110021NQF 46Front Line
Sales in Retail and Wholesale - AccreditedYes258162NQF 312Sales & Marketing
Sales - Seal the Deal - AccreditedYes10047NQF 55Sales & Marketing
Sales - Seal the DealNo10047NQF 5Non Credit BearingSales & Marketing
Sales - Outsmart Your Competition - AccreditedYes252211NQF 46Sales & Marketing
Sales - Outsmart Your CompetitionNo252211NQF 4Non Credit BearingSales & Marketing
Sales - Identify New Potential and Existing Business - AccreditedYes252193NQF 44Sales & Marketing
Sales - Ensuring Customer Satisfaction - AccreditedYes252214NQF 46Sales & Marketing
Sales - Ensuring Customer SatisfactionNo 252214NQF 4AlignedSales & Marketing
Risk Management - AccreditedYes252025NQF 58Business Skills
Retail Selling SkillsNoSales & Marketing
Report Writing - AccreditedYes110023NQF 46Business Skills
Reception - The Amazing Receptionist - AccreditedYes7790NQF 33Front Line
Quality Management - AccreditedYes120383NQF 36Business Skills
Psychosocial Support and Self-Management NoPersonal Development
Project Management Essentials - AccreditedYes120372NQF 45Management & Leadership
Project Management EssentialsNo120372NQF 4AlignedManagement & Leadership
Product Knowledge Principles - AccreditedYes258160NQF 38Business Skills
Problem Solving and Decision Making - AccreditedYes242817NQF 48Business Skills
Problem Solving and Decision MakingNo242817NQF 4AlignedBusiness Skills
PowerPoint Level 2NoComputer Skills
PowerPoint Level 1NoComputer Skills
PowerPoint and Word - Level 1NoComputer Skills
Personal Budgeting In IsizuluNoPersonal Development
Performance Management Incorporating Initiating a Disciplinary Hearing - AccreditedYes252034NQF 58Management & Leadership
Performance Management - AccreditedYes11473NQF 48Management & Leadership
Performance Management (NQF5) - AccreditedYes252034NQF 58Management & Leadership
Performance Management (NQF5)No252034NQF 5AlignedManagement & Leadership
Performance ManagementNo11473NQF 4AlignedManagement & Leadership
PA and Executive Secretary Skills - AccreditedYes110021 & 13929NQF 49Front Line
Outlook Productivity Tips and TricksNoComputer Skills
Outlook Level 2NoComputer Skills
Outlook Level 1NoComputer Skills
Operations Planning Development and Implementation - AccreditedYes252032NQF 58Management & Leadership
Operations Planning and ManagementNo263434NQF 4AlignedManagement & Leadership
Operations Management - Introductory BasicsNo119668NQF 2AlignedManagement & Leadership
Office AdministrationNoBusiness Skills
Negotiation Skills - Accredited - Including Communication SkillsYes13948NQF 45Business Skills
Negotiation Skills - AccreditedYes13948NQF 45Business Skills
Negotiation SkillsNo13948NQF 4Business Skills
Minute Taking - AccreditedYes13934NQF 34Business Skills
Minute TakingNo13934NQF 3AlignedBusiness Skills
MentoringNo114215NQF 4AlignedManagement & Leadership
Marketing - The FABs of Products and Services - AccreditedYes252196NQF 44Sales & Marketing
Marketing - The FABs of Products and ServicesNo252196NQF 4AlignedSales & Marketing
Managing Effectively - AccreditedYes14667NQF 410Management & Leadership
Managing Career Progression Through Skills Development - AccreditedYes252029NQF 58Management & Leadership
Managing Career Progression Through Skills DevelopmentNo252029NQF 5AlignedManagement & Leadership
Managers' Development ProgrammeNo252031NQF 5AlignedManagement & Leadership
Management by Objective - AccreditedYes242822NQF 410Management & Leadership
Management by ObjectiveNo242822NQF 4AlignedManagement & Leadership
Management - Evaluation of Operations vs Best Practice - AccreditedYes252024NQF 54Management & Leadership
Management - Create an Innovative Environment - AccreditedYes252020NQF 56Management & Leadership
Manage and Improve Communication Processes - AccreditedYes264408NQF 63Management & Leadership
Living Your BrandNoSales & Marketing
Legal Liability in Health and SafetyNoHealth and Safety
Leadership the Right Way - AccreditedYes242824NQF 412Management & Leadership
Leadership The Right WayNo 242824NQF 4AlignedManagement & Leadership
Leadership in The BakingNoManagement & Leadership
Leadership Development Programme - Review WorkshopNoManagement & Leadership
Leadership Development Programme - Module 3 of 3NoManagement & Leadership
Leadership Development Programme - Module 2 of 3NoManagement & Leadership
Leadership Development Programme - Module 1 of 3NoManagement & Leadership
Leadership Development ProgrammeNoManagement & Leadership


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