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Coaching and Mentoring

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Management & Leadership

Duration: 1 Days
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

This course will explore what is required of you to coach and mentor your staff to enhance their skills and improve their performance. This practical training will provide you with the skills and the tools to implement a coaching or mentoring process.

•    Understand the concept of coaching and mentoring and how they differ
•    Identify coaching and mentoring opportunities and when not to coach
•    Explore the qualities and responsibilities of an effective coach and mentor
•    Recognise the importance of building relationships, providing support and guidance and developing team members
•    Develop listening skills and the ability to challenge assumptions and fixed mind-sets
•    Develop questioning techniques to establish understanding and competence in specific tasks
•    Establish the steps for implementing a coaching or mentoring process
•    Practice using coaching/mentoring documents to clarify roles and responsibilities and create achievable goals
•    Explore how to monitor and review progress and assess the impact of coaching/mentoring

•    Recognise coaching or mentoring opportunities
•    Embrace a positive mind-set to developing the potential of your staff
•    Build positive relationships by listening, providing support, using appropriate questioning and providing feedback
•    Able to understand the problems and obstacles that hold your staff back
•    Improve staff performance and motivation by providing guidance, knowledge and new challenges, and recognising capability
•    Improve your own strengths and sense of job satisfaction by developing others
•    Develop and implement an action plan for individual coaching and mentoring
•    Monitor, evaluate and correct the action plan for individual coaching and mentoring