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Performance Management - Accredited

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Management & Leadership

Duration: 2 Days
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

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Manage individual and team performance 

In today’s economic environment, it is those organisations that have clear goals and objectives, and then hold themselves accountable for achieving these objectives, that set themselves apart. 
Many struggle to cascade the high-level strategy through the teams in the organisation and then down to individuals.  Performance Management is an ongoing process, yet many organisations conduct this as an event.  Ongoing monitoring and conducting regular Performance Reviews are critical to this success.  


  • Line managers and supervisors at any level who have a passion for meeting their business objectives
  • Managers who concern themselves with developing people and encouraging their success
  • All persons who need to manage individual and team performance  


  • People will be focused on the objectives that align with the organisations goals
  • Delegates will be able to set performance goals and measures for teams and individuals; to formulate development plans; and to monitor and evaluate performance
  • Delegate will know how to encourage high performers and be able to direct their subordinates when performance goals are not being met
  • There is clarity in terms of what is required of people


  • The purpose of Performance Management
  • Setting SMART performance goals and aligning these with business strategy
  • Quantifying performance measures for teams and individuals
  • Communicating the goals and performance measures, and obtaining buy-in
  • Focusing on developing people’s skills and competencies through formulation of development plans
  • Measuring performance through evaluation techniques
  • Measuring performance and values
  • Focusing on strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Identifying reasons for poor performance and determining corrective actions
  • Ongoing monitoring and re-alignment
  • Providing feedback in a constructive, positive manner
Module 1
Set performance goals and measures
 Module 2
Formulate development plans
 Module 3
Monitor and evaluate performanc
  • Ensure that performance goals are measurable, clear, achievable and aligned to individual career paths, organisational objectives and legislative requirements
  • Quantify performance measures to facilitate performance evaluation
  • Undertake appropriate actions to obtain agreement from relevant parties to identified performance goals and measures
  • Ensure that the stipulation of the identified performance goals and measures in the performance contract enables the contract to serve as a source document for performance evaluation
  • Focus plans on competencies needed to achieve performance goals of the individual, department and organisation
  • Formulate plans in a clear manner and define  it in terms of specific improvement actions, time frames and accountability
  • Align plans with legislative requirements and individual career paths
  • Take appropriate facilitation actions to obtain agreement on development plans from relevant parties
  • Apply performance evaluation techniques that are valid, current and sufficient
  • Align performance goals and measures with organisational and industry practices and values
  • Monitor performance and assess it on an ongoing basis against performance goals
  • Record progress and update records to manage performance
  • Analyse performance records to identify variations in performance and to compile a suggested plan of action
  • Give feedback to address competence gaps and poor performance, recognise good performance and revise performance goals
  • Ensure that feedback is constructive, tactful, honest, respectful and is focussed on performance






Official course name: 
Manage individual and team performance 

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