Scheduled Receptionist - Front Office and Telephone Techniques - Accredited courses

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Receptionist - Front Office and Telephone Techniques - Accredited

Unit Standard: 
13928 & 7790
NQF Level: 
Course Category: 
Front Line

Duration: 2 Days
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

The receptionist and reception area of an organisation provides callers and visitors with their first impression of the company, its culture and ethos. The experience must be positive, inviting and efficient. The adage that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” comes to mind.

The first day addresses the skills and disciplines required to interact personally with visitors, properly maintain and control the reception area, whilst the second day is all about mastering telephone skills and etiquette.

This course comprises two distinct, but highly relevant unit standards delivered over two days. It explores how to determine and implement appropriate service levels, housekeeping standards and security protocols within the reception area, as well as how to measure and address deviations. It is also designed to provide delegates with the insight, understanding and skills required by them to become effective and efficient in both “in-bound” and “out-bound” telephone communication, message management and screening.


  • Frontline staff in general
  • Receptionists and staff assigned to cover receptionist duties from time to time
  • Supervisors of receptionists and reception areas


Front Office Module

  • Understand the importance of frontline responsibilities
  • Appreciate the benefit of creating a positive and professional first impression
  • Recognise the importance of setting and monitoring organisational standards for the reception area and staff
  • Learn to define appropriate standards of housekeeping and security for the reception area
  • Monitor and correct deviations from organisational standards and procedures relating to reception
  • Provide excellent service that enhances the customer experience
  • Manage stress when dealing with difficult customers and develop personal resilience

Telephone Module

  • Distinguish between professional and casual communication
  • Understand how your body language influences your telephone voice
  • Improve your tone, diction, volume and cadence
  • Be more professional and efficient
  • Determine what relevant questions to ask to gain insight into customer needs
  • Understand the importance of confidentiality
  • Master all aspects of telephonic communication from answering, to transferring calls, to message taking and call screening
  • Interact with challenging customers


Front Office Module

  • Setting, monitoring and maintaining
    • housekeeping standards
    • appropriate security protocols
    • service levels
  • Taking corrective action in response to deviations
  • Customer service standards expected of frontline staff
  • How to meet and exceed expectations

Telephone Module

  • Switchboard techniques and principles
  • Telephone etiquette and body language
  • How to prepare for outgoing phone calls
  • Processing incoming and outgoing calls professionally and efficiently
  • Protocols for transferring calls, placing callers on hold and message taking
  • Questions to ask that will assist, inform and direct callers
  • Creating the right impression to internal and external customers
  • How to manage an upset or angry caller
  • How to behave towards abusive callers


Official course name: 
Monitor and control reception area/Process incoming and outgoing telephone calls

2020 Cost

R5,000.00 pp (ex VAT)
Reduced cost for multiple bookings are available