About Us

Who are We?

KZN Business Training Centre has been training business owners, managers and staff for over 30 years and offers a broad range of different one‑, two‑ and three‑day courses. Founded by the SBDC to train entrepre­neurs, KZN Business Training Centre was sold many years ago to private investors and is currently owned by Nikki Pears. The business is managed by both Nikki and her husband, Ian.

Nikki has a background in Management in the Personnel Recruitment industry. Until late 2011, Ian was the Managing Director of Yamaha Distributors, Southern Africa and an Executive Director of McCarthy Limited.

All lecturers and facilitators are successful business owners and experienced professionals in their specific fields. They are passionate about sharing their expertise and developing relevant business skills in today's changing environ­ment.

Our Values

  • Accountability — we accept responsibility for our actions and our mistakes

  • Honesty — we honour our commitments
  • Integrity — we are always consistent and single‑minded in living our values

  • Passion — we are dedicated to, and enthusiastic about, everything we do
  • Respect — we demonstrate positive esteem towards our customers, stake­holders and environ­ment
  • Transparency — what you see is what you get

  • Humour — we work hard, enjoy what we do, and laugh a lot

Our Vision

  • To provide unrivalled Service Excellence
  • To be innovative, efficient, approachable and professional
  • To be the service provider of first resort in the markets we serve
  • To be respected by our staff and suppliers as fair, reasonable and honourable
  • To contribute positively to the performance and success of the people and organisations we serve

Our Mission

To provide employers and aspirant individuals with high‑quality business and related skills develop­ment training, through scheduled public courses and bespoke in‑house inter­ventions.

Our Services

KZN Business Training Centre operates a training facility in Westville, KwaZulu Natal, where a wide range of courses are offered according to a pre‑determined schedule. This allows companies with specific but small volume training requirements to train staff cost‑effectively.

In addition to these “Public Courses”, we offer all our courses on an “exclusive basis”, either at our facility or “in‑house” at client premises anywhere in South Africa, or even beyond our borders. This type of inter­vention is increasingly cost‑effective in relation to the number of dele­gates trained. When training an exclusive group, we try to gather as much relevant information from the client as possible – in order to focus on those modules of the programme pertinent to their needs.

We can and often do “realign and develop” material to specific needs by combining elements and modules from a range of courses, provided that the original material is the product of a single facili­tator.

Our courses are practical, with an emphasis on application rather than purely theoretical knowledge. Case studies are extensively used to convey the learning content and delegates are encouraged to partici­pate in group discussions.


KZN Business Training Centre is accredited by the Services Seta (Decision Number 0351) as a training provider.

We offer a range of courses that are:-
·         Accredited,
·         Aligned, or
·         Designed to cater for our client requirement but do not not lend themselves to Accreditation
Our non-aligned short courses fall within the SAQA definition of “Continuous Professional Development” allowing part of your investment in training to be claimed back under the mandatory grant category of your skills development levies