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Business Etiquette

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Business Skills

Duration: 1 Day
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

Respectful and professional conduct is a sure-fire way of establishing mutually beneficial business relationships, both internally and externally. Conversely, a poor impression can damage your company image and undermine otherwise sound relationships.

Cultural diversity, millennials in the work place and the plethora of social media platforms, add a minefield of challenges that every company and employee needs to understand and manage appropriately.

Now, more than ever, you need to revisit the rules of engagement and develop business savvy to ensure that your personal “brand” is perceived in a credible manner.


  • All staff needing to polish their business etiquette skills and improve their professional image
  • New recruits and graduates destined for promotion


  • Effectively represent yourself and your organisation
  • Project a professional image representative of your company
  • Communicate at an appropriate level relative to your audience
  • Converse comfortably with people from diverse backgrounds in various business settings
  • Be prepared for every situation and occasion and sensitive to environmental cues
  • Develop self-confidence and be at ease in previously stressful environments


The course is highly interactive and includes case studies, situational group work and role plays covering the following content:

  • The fundamental importance of first impressions
    • The distinction between reality and perception
    • The impact of negative first impressions and the resultant fall out
    • The impact of positive first impressions and the positive that flows
    • Brand equity and the cost of building it
    • The ease with which Brand equity can be eroded or completely destroyed – case studies
    • You represent your brand and your company brand - the two are inextricably linked
    • You are a Brand ambassador for your organisation at all times
  • Introductions, verbal and non-verbal skills
    • Body language/eye contact
    • Personal space/physical contact what’s appropriate
    • Audience/circumstance appropriate adaptation
    • Language/cadence/style/tones/volume
    • Creating a positive first impression
  • Appropriate communication on all platforms – email, telephone and social media
    • The positives and pitfalls of the different platforms
    • Social media – its use and its impact on business – case studies
    • Adapting style for audience - internal/external/status/social engagements
    • Confidentiality and discretion
    • Do’s and Don’ts
    • Boundaries, impact and consequences of inappropriate usage
  • Professionalism, consideration and respect at the workplace
    • Interpersonal skills/empathy/diversity
    • Importance of the team
  • Cultural nuances – local and international
    • Diversity/multi-culturalism
    • Understanding/respecting/adapting
  • The importance of discretion in situational conduct, dress and language
  • Representing your company ethos externally and internally
    • Social engagements
    • Meetings
    • Work environment
    • Language
  • Ethics and integrity
    • Defining and understanding Business Ethics and integrity
    • Company values - principled choices and decision making
    • Your personal moral compass
    • Ethical dilemmas
  • Generational respect
    • Millennials – discuss and compare
    • Generation X – discuss and compare
    • Baby Boomers – discuss and compare
    • The Silent Generation