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Leadership - Motivating and Developing Teams

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Management & Leadership

2 Day Course
9am to 4pm


In this interactive workshop, delegates will explore the various techniques and tools to build and utilise the strengths of each individual to create a highly motivated and successful team.


  • Explain the concept of motivation and its importance in enhancing performance levels
  • Explore methods of measuring motivation
  • Examine theories of motivation in relation to self and the team
  • Discuss techniques for sustaining self-motivation
  • Examine the characteristics of high performing teams
  • Discuss the stages of team development
  • Understand the effects of change on the team
  • Explore strategies to motivate and inspire others through strong leadership
  • Practice communication and empathy skills to develop a healthy team dynamic
  • Develop empowerment skills to create an enabling environment
  • Understand the benefits of creating a positive work environment
  • Identify feedback mechanisms
  • Develop an action plan to motivate and develop your team.


  • Greater understanding of the concept of motivation and its importance in enhancing performance levels
  • Able to identify motivating triggers in self and in team members
  • Recognition of the empowerment and inspirational role the leader holds
  • Positive approach to forming and developing teams
  • Able to create a healthy and motivated environment, organisation and team
  • Improve overall performance of the team
  • Build cooperative, resilient and communicative teams
  • Able to conduct team meetings which encourage creativity, responsibility, decision making and goal setting
  • Promote an environment of open communication and feedback.