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Negotiation Skills

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Business Skills

Duration: 2 Days
Time: 8:30am-4:00pm

 "It is people who negotiate; not machines, or companies. We all have prejudices, values, ideologies, preferences, pressures, objectives, and judgment, as will the other party in your negotiations. So one part of our journey will involve you understanding why your greatest challenge in negotiation is yourself and how, by nature, you naturally see the world from your perspective rather than that of others."

STEVE GATES, The Negotiation Book


  • Sales staff at all levels and in all industries
  • Staff, heads of department and managers dealing with
    • Customers
    • Staff
    • Suppliers
    • Service providers


  • You will learn:
    • the negotiation process and the importance of proper preparation
    • how to apply recognised steps in the process
    • different techniques and approaches to negotiation
    • negotiation strategies and their applicability
    • By applying what you learn you will develop experience to improve the outcome of negotiations in various situations


  • Why negotiation skills are so important in business and their broad application
  • Being prepared for a negotiation
  • Influencing others
  • Push and Pull style techniques
  • The negotiation process and the steps involved including what causes breakdown of a negotiation
  • How and when to apply the steps that you have learnt
  • Different strategies and how to use them
  • Closing a negotiation
  • Breaking deadlocks


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Negotiate an agreement or deal in an authentic work situation

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