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Coursesort descendingAccreditedUnit StdNQF LevelCreditsCourse Category
Absenteeism in the WorkplaceHuman Resources
Assertiveness and Conflict ResolutionPersonal Development
Basic Labour Law13952NQF 4Non Credit BearingLabour Law
Basic Labour Law - Accredited13952NQF 48Labour Law
Basic Labour Law - Accredited - Day 1 of 313952NQF 48Labour Law
Basic Labour Law - Accredited - Day 2 of 313952NQF 48Labour Law
Basic Labour Law - Accredited - Day 3 of 313952NQF 48Labour Law
Budgeting and Managing Budgets242810NQF 4AlignedFinance
Budgeting and Managing Budgets - Accredited242810NQF 46Finance
Business Communication Skills110506NQF 4Non Credit BearingBusiness Skills
Business Etiquette114959Business Skills
Business Etiquette - Accredited114959NQF 24Business Skills
Business Presentation Skills242840NQF 4AlignedBusiness Skills
Business Presentation Skills - Accredited242840NQF 42Business Skills
Business Writing Skills12153NQF 4AlignedBusiness Skills
Business Writing Skills - Accredited12153NQF 45Business Skills
Chairing a Disciplinary Hearing10985NQF 6AlignedLabour Law
Chairing and Managing Meetings242816NQF 4AlignedManagement & Leadership
Chairing and Managing Meetings - Accredited242816NQF 45Management & Leadership
Change Management15214NQF 5AlignedManagement & Leadership
Change Management - Determine a Change Process - Accredited252021NQF 58Management & Leadership
Change Management - Implementation - Accredited15214NQF 53Management & Leadership
Coaching113909NQF 3AlignedManagement & Leadership
Coaching and Mentoring113909NQF 3AlignedManagement & Leadership
Coaching and Mentoring - Accredited252035NQF 58Management & Leadership
Coaching and Talent Selection - Accredited252035NQF 58Management & Leadership
Communicate and Collaborate252027NQF 5AlignedBusiness Skills
Communicate and Collaborate - Accredited252027NQF 56Business Skills
Communicating with ConfidencePersonal Development
Competency Based Interviewing - Accredited12140NQF 59Human Resources
Conduct a Disciplinary Hearing255514NQF 5AlignedLabour Law
Conflict Management114226NQF 5AlignedBusiness Skills
Conflict Management - Accredited114226NQF 58Business Skills
Contact Centre Service ExcellenceFront Line
Costing and Pricing Principles - Accredited263455NQF 46Finance
Customer Care in Wholesale and Retail258156NQF 3AlignedFront Line
Customer Service - Managing Complaints252210NQF 4AlignedSales & Marketing
Customer Service - Managing Complaints - Accredited252210NQF 44Sales & Marketing
Customer Service Excellence114974NQF 2AlignedSales & Marketing
Customer Service Excellence - Accredited114974NQF 22Sales & Marketing
Customer Service in IsiZuluFront Line
Customer Service Management - Accredited242829NQF 45Management & Leadership
Dealing with Challenging CustomersBusiness Skills
Diversity Management252043NQF 5Business Skills
Diversity Management - Accredited252043NQF 56Management & Leadership
EE AwarenessHuman Resources
Effective Office Administration110021NQF 4AlignedBusiness Administration
Effective Office Administration - Accredited110021NQF 46Business Administration
Email Writing and EtiquetteBusiness Skills
Emotional IntelligencePersonal Development
Emotional Intelligence - Interpersonal SkillsPersonal Development
Emotional Intelligence - Self-MasteryPersonal Development
Emotional Intelligence - Self-Mastery and Interpersonal Skills252031NQF 5AlignedPersonal Development
Emotional Intelligence - Self-Mastery and Interpersonal Skills - Accredited252031NQF 54Personal Development
Employment Equity and Skills Development LegislationLabour Law
Employment Equity for CommitteesLabour Law
Entrepreneur EssentialsBusiness Skills
Ethics - Implementing a Code of Conduct - Accredited242815NQF 45Management & Leadership
Ethics in Business113924NQF 2AlignedPersonal Development
Ethics in Business - Accredited113924NQF 22Personal Development
Event Coordination - Accredited13929NQF 33Front Line
Excel Level 1Computer Skills
Excel Level 2Computer Skills
Excel Level 3Computer Skills
Excel Super User ScenariosComputer Skills
Finance for Non-Financial Managers117156NQF 4AlignedFinance
Finance for Non-Financial Managers - Accredited117156NQF 44Finance
Fraud Detection and Control - Accredited110026NQF 44Business Administration
Goal Setting - Fired up and FocusedPersonal Development
HIV Awareness13915NQF 3AlignedHealth and Safety
HIV Awareness - Accredited13915NQF 34Health and Safety
HR Introductory Basics - Accredited119713NQF 34Human Resources
Initiating a Disciplinary Enquiry11286NQF 5AlignedLabour Law
Internal Customer ServiceBusiness Skills
Interpersonal SkillsPersonal Development
Introduction to Computing and WindowsComputer Skills
Introduction to MS OfficeComputer Skills
Introduction to Supply Chain ManagementWarehousing
Knowledge Management Principles - Accredited252044NQF 56Management & Leadership
Leadership - Motivating and Developing Teams242819NQF 4AlignedManagement & Leadership
Leadership - Motivating and Developing Teams - Accredited242819NQF 410Management & Leadership
Leadership - Reset Refocus RenewManagement & Leadership
Leadership Development ProgrammeManagement & Leadership
Leadership The Right Way 242824NQF 4AlignedManagement & Leadership
Leadership the Right Way - Accredited242824NQF 412Management & Leadership
Living Your BrandSales & Marketing
Manage and Improve Communication Processes - Accredited264408NQF 63Management & Leadership
Management - Create an Innovative Environment - Accredited252020NQF 56Management & Leadership
Management - Evaluation of Operations vs Best Practice - Accredited252024NQF 54Management & Leadership
Management by Objective242822NQF 4AlignedManagement & Leadership
Management by Objective - Accredited242822NQF 410Management & Leadership
Managers' Development Programme252031NQF 5AlignedManagement & Leadership
Managing Career Progression Through Skills Development252029NQF 5AlignedManagement & Leadership
Managing Career Progression Through Skills Development - Accredited252029NQF 58Management & Leadership
Managing Effectively - Accredited14667NQF 410Management & Leadership
Marketing - The FABs of Products and Services252196NQF 4AlignedSales & Marketing
Marketing - The FABs of Products and Services - Accredited252196NQF 44Sales & Marketing
Mentoring114215NQF 4AlignedManagement & Leadership
Minute Taking13934NQF 3AlignedBusiness Skills
Minute Taking - Accredited13934NQF 34Business Skills